Garden before and after

I hope everyone had a good weekend - here in the UK we had a Bank Holiday, so a three day weekend. No Badminton (cancelled because of the weather) but we had two entire days without rain, so got out into the garden. The front garden, which I usually run through so I don't have to look at it. All that running did not obscure the knowledge that things were getting pretty bad. Four 1 ton bags of greenery later, we were not far off. Still a way to go yet, but it's heaps better than it was. Here's some befores and afters? (Are those words?)


And some pictures of blossom, because it's pretty:


janet Rising said…
You could use the first two pictures for a spot the difference competition.
No dog in second picture...
Jane Badger said…
That is because she has done all the weeding and gone off to the tip with the results. She is a very good dog.

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