PBOTD 10th September: Patricia Leitch - Gallop to the Hills

Gallop to the Hills (1979) is a story in which we see the power money has, and its power to corrupt. Jinny's dog is accused of sheep worrying, and if your dog's caught worrying sheep, it can be shot. This worry is nagging at Jinny as she fulfils a commision to paint the horses belonging to a nearby aristocrat, Lady Gilbert. Jinny is sure she has seen wolves nearby, but nobody believes her.

It turns out that Jinny is right. Lady Gilbert's son keeps them. Lady Gilbert wants to protect her son, and so lies about the wolves. The Gilberts are a chilling portrayal: used to command, used to getting their own way and of having enough money to buy themselves out of trouble, they do not care who gets hurt as long as they can pursue their own desires. Jinny, with all her desire to hang on to Shantih and possess her, knows something of pursuing your own desires regardless, but Jinny still retains the power to learn.

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The Wouldbegood said…
Really enjoying your posts. I'm rediscovering the Jinny books almost 30 years after I first stumbled on them and am frantically buying them up on eBay! I found your blog by accident and it's a great insight into the books.
Jane Badger said…
Thank you very much - I love the Jinny books (as you've no doubt gathered), and I'm glad you've been able to track them down on eBay. If you have any problems with the later ones, Catnip have republished them.

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