PBOTD 20th September: Monica Edwards - The Outsider

The Outsider sees the Romney Marsh people coming to visit Punchbowl Farm. The two sets of characters have crossed over before, most notably in Storm Ahead, when Lindsay, who is visiting Tamzin, is bitten by a rabid dog. Tamzin rides her pony, Cascade, through the flood waters to Rye to get the doctor.

The Thornton parents have gone to France for a holiday, leaving Andrea thereabouts in charge. Fortunately the Romney Marsh people prove adept at rope-throwing - at least, the multi-talented Meryon does. A deer has found its way into the Punchbowl herd of cows, and has to be captured.

This book always strikes me as a little odd: I think because the invasion of the Romney Marsh people is so total. I do wonder why it happened, and think that it's so the strength of the relationship between Tamzin and Meryon can be emphasised, because it becomes obvious that however hard Andrea tries, she's not going to come between them. This relationship was something Rissa had already found difficult and come to terms with in earlier books, and Roger had never had difficulties with it, so challenges had to come from somewhere, and the Punchbowl family were a known quantity.

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