PBOTD 13th September: Patricia Leitch - Chestnut Gold

Chestnut Gold reintroduces the clash between modern technology and selfishness, and the mystical. Jinny and Shantih are involved with the making of a film, but while she's there, the Walker appears again and shows Jinny a cave sacred to the Red Horse, with a frieze of golden horses, who, when the sunlight hits them, dance. 

It's standard for us now to think that sharing these things with the everyday world, with everyone is good, but that's not Patricia Leitch's view, at least not as far as the cave goes. The film maker's motives for wanting to reveal it to the world are entirely selfish, and will ruin its solitary beauty. Once it becomes a tourist attraction, and is no longer only seen by those who recognise and salute its power, it will be diminished.

In the end, the Walker destroys the cave, but Jinny is the conduit through which the golden horses live. She recreates the mural at the Wilton Collection, where it can be shared with the world.

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