PBOTD 25th September: Monica Edwards - Hidden in a Dream

Hidden in a Dream (1952) is one of the Monica Edwards titles that eluded me the longest. I didn't read it until the Girls Gone By edition came out, which is odd when you look at the sheer number of editions that appeared. Not one of them swum my way.

Hidden in a Dream is centred on Meryon, who hits his head in an accident (dramatically portrayed on the first two editions, but lost to horse crashing through the waves in the last two editions. I wonder why). After the accident, Meryon can remember nothing about it, but this is significant.

Tamzin, Rissa, Roger and Meryon are all sleeping out in the Martello Tower that summer, but Meryon is having terrible dreams, and nobody sleeps. It eventually becomes apparent that locked in Meryon's memory is the solution to the mystery of the missing stranger. 

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