Wednesday Walk

Frosty walk today, thank goodness, so the mud was blissfully crunchy.
I keep thinking I must find out what crop this actually is: a member of the cabbage family I think, but it's certainly a new one for this field.

Mallow leaves aren't that palatable to hens - why I don't know, and I've never tried one myself. The newbie hens hadn't come across mallow, so it was interesting watching them all trying it and deciding one after the other that it wasn't worth the bother. I wondered if they'd be led by Scrabbles but no. They all had to make the discovery for themselves. Mallow leaves are quite spectacularly beautiful with the frost.

Back across the valley - clear for once.

After this point I ran out of battery. Well, to be accurate, I didn't - am feeling just about human after getting over my annual chest infection, but the camera did.


Anonymous said…
Crunchy mud is excellent for walking on - properly rural without needing to clean your boots when you get back.

Will have to come down soon to see new hens! Magnus quite taken with the idea of having some...
Jane Badger said…
I think Magnus will like the new ones - they're very used to people and quite friendly.

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