Marmite maketh the Hen

Clarrie was looking a bit seedy over the past couple of days. The other three newbies have taken to their new surroundings with vim, but she has been a bit off; staying with the others, but not diving in with the gusto the others have.

I was wondering whether I'd have to whisk her indoors and install her next to the Aga (do wonder what dog and cat would make of that) but after I took the hens up the ends of a white loaf yesterday, and she fell upon it with glee, I haven't been so worried. I did hover over the internet though, looking up ways of cheering up hens, just in case. The eglu site suggested feeding marmite toast to your new hens, presumably to cheer them up.

I think Clarrie is maybe a sensitive hen, who is missing her original home, so I hope the marmite toast will convince her that despite the windy prairies; so unlike their nice enclosed garden, and the bolshy bantams, that it is ok here really.
So, £2.77 later (Marmite has gone up a bit since I bought it last) here we are, tempting toast at the ready.

She likes it....

They all do, in fact.

Happy Clarrie.

I think I'll persevere with the Marmite. Dog, who likes to come and help with the hens, likes it too.


Val said…
Marmite toast...Now that's what I call a lucky hen! lol

I think a sense of humour is an essential ingredient when raising animals..or kids for that matter ('cept then the sense of humour needs to be MUCH bigger) I've been having an ongoing chat with a very protective Swinhoe cock pheasant each morning...he's very handsome and very aware of his role as Lord of the Manor looking after his ladies and 'throwing feed down is sometimes taken as an attack...that he doesn't know quite how to respond to.. he's recently found that sitting on the high perch by the door so we are face to face ..(so to speak) is far less stessful..well at least it is for him!

perhaps the B vitamins in Marmite would calm his nerves????
Jane Badger said…
Gosh, I hope those B vitamins would calm him down - I'm not sure I'd relish a cock pheasant at eye level!

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