Happy New Year

We saw the New Year in with strengthening draughts of the finest, purest, Northamptonshire water, digestive systems by this point feeling the strain of all that Christmas excess. As OH pointed out, at least the water was now ours (rather than shared) and we now knew whence it came (from v. expensively supplied new meter and pipework, rather than meandering across the fields before diving off God alone knew where - certainly neither Anglia Water or the v. expensive water diviner could find it. All we knew was; it leaked.)

So, Happy New Year to all. I'm not in the habit of making New Year's resolutions because I almost never keep them. I do however have vague hopes - so much more comforting to have hopes rather than resolutions, which in my case never seem to bear fruit.

Though talking of fruit, one thing I would like to do is make a bit of a better effort at the food growing side of things, which was even worse than usual this year. A lot of this is down to the huge redecorating project but as the majority of that is done (not all of course - we are congenitally incapable of finishing decorating until we absolutely have to) I have no excuse.

I am keen on the idea of getting a couple of turkeys (and actually dreamed of acquiring llamas this morning - why? Can think of no one who might pass us on a second hand llama, though I do remember in the dream being pleased that the llama a. saw off foxes and b. the village laddery who like to vandalise our troughs and fences.) As with so many things, llamas are not cheap. However, be llamas as they may, we might well be taking on four particularly destructive chickens soon, and perhaps they could be trained to take on the laddery.

I have however at last achieved one thing that had been hanging over me for a while: new wellies. Hurrah! Dry feet.

I hope your New Years do not bring any of the horrors that are hanging over us all. Someone did say to me "Whatever happens, the sun will still shine." Well yes, it will, but it is undoubtedly easier to appreciate the beauty of the sun when you are not wondering how to fund your next trip to the Co-Op. So, may the sun shine on us all and find us happy and managing, if not prosperous.


Juxtabook said…
Happy New Year!

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