Pippa Funnell

has written a pony book. Watch this space.


Juxtabook said…
I hope you don't mind but I have given you an award! It is a meme one that you are supposed to pass on, but please don't feel oblidged to join in if you don't like memes. The instructions are in this post http://juxtabook.typepad.com/books/2009/01/butterfly-award.html
Anonymous said…
Ooh interesting...one can only hope it's not pink!!
Liz said…
Ah ... Pippa. I remember interviewing her when she was a young rider with a different surname. She was an intelligent interviewee, so I imagine her book is pretty good.
Jane Badger said…
Thanks Juxtabook! I'm very touched.

As for the book, I'm looking forward to read it. It's about time we had something home grown that's worth reading.

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