Actual real snow this morning. The hens do not appreciate the snow at all. They have refused to go out beyond the barn. The bantams have both just started laying again, but I think their horror at the weather may well stop them. I hadn't expected them to start laying until next month at least. I think they only do it to show that a bantam does what a bantam does.


Val said…
Lovely photos, those banties are very pretty ..what breed are they?

We keep plump barnyard it gets so darn cold (Buff orpingtons,Rhodes etc just a few though)but we do have one banty a lovely 'Silver Duckwing' Dutch she's tiny but lovely, a real character but tough..she needs to be as it's her 4th Winter and a very cold one at that. (-13f as I type)
Jane Badger said…
Thanks Val - yes, aren't the banties pretty? Their last owner couldn't remember how they'd been bred. As far as she knew, they are Pekin crosses. Buff Orpingtons are beautiful - such lovely hens. A friend has a few and they are gorgeous (some buff and some a sort of bluey-grey). Don't envy you the -13f!
Unknown said…
Those are some lovely photos. I particularly like the one of the Disapproving Hens.

The current temp in my bathroom is 7C. I want somewhere with real heating.
Jane Badger said…
That is cold Gillian, though I've just heard on the radio that it's 5 degrees in the Arctic - so warm they're wearing shorts!

Definitely would not fancy it myself though. Have just got back from night walk with dog and despite hundreds of layers I was still cold. Do not at all envy you the bathroom. Brrrrr.

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