Foggy Day and a Funeral

Overslept today, so took dog for a bit of retrieval work in the field. A bleak and foggy day, but beautiful, and accompanied by the clangs from the graveyard next to us, as the gravediggers dug June Wilby's grave. She was buried this morning. Her grand daugher wrote the most beautiful poem for her. She was a lovely lady: one of those who was genuinely interested in everyone she talked to. I always felt better after I'd talked to her, even if we'd just said the most commonplace things.

I managed to shoot back up to the field after dog had finished retrieving (she loves it but we still don't have the giving it back bit sussed yet, to put it mildly) and photograph before the frost went.

The old guard hens do not mind the frost. The only weather that makes them reluctant to get out of bed is rainy wind.

The new bods don't quite feel the same. They're not quite used to the change in temperature or the increase in wind. The house is down the hill a bit, but the fields are quite exposed, and the temperature here is usually a couple of degrees lower than in the middle of the village, where they used to live. Pandora was the only one who was anywhere near out. The rest had retired back to the stable. You can see Pandora is missing most of a toe - fortunately it doesn't seem to affect her at all.


Val said…
"I always felt better after I'd talked to her, even if we'd just said the most commonplace things."

that is a lovely epitaph.
Kit Courteney said…
Fantastic frosty photos.
Bovey Belle said…
What atmospheric photos - I've just had to put another jumper on!! I see you have EMW in your sidebar links - Elaine is a lovely lady and works SO hard.
Jane Badger said…
Thanks Val - she really was like that. Her family miss her terribly.

Thank you Kit and BB. I don't know if there's a world record for jumpers - I've managed 5 this winter! EMW I think is an excellent organisation - you can't be far away?

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