Morning walk, 9th June 2012

The first morning walk for a week - and the sky was actually blue. 

The cow parsley is going over, and seeding like mad. Should be a bumper crop next year.

Goose grass - does this grow in the US/Australia? What do you call it if it does? 

Now the field is topped and the sheep have gone it does look disturbingly municipal. Mind you, the rate it's raining, the grass will soon be knee high again.

 Daisies in the graveyard. You could make a daisy chain to go round the village from this lot.

This is the last morning walk for a bit, unless I can persuade my husband to wield the camera while I'm away.  Before I go, here's the handing over of the village petition against the development on the fields. It was handed over to our local MP, Peter Bone, and filmed by Anglia TV.

These last 3 photographs are courtesy of Jon-Paul Carr. 


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the petition! Beautiful walk - think goosegrass is called cleavers in the US. How nice to see the sun a bit again and have a nice break (if you're going away?)
goosegrass here in US too--also wiregrass. Hope the petition stops the project. Have a lovely break!
Jane Badger said…
Cleavers sounds familiar, and wiregrass is certainly accurate. That stuff is much more vicious than it looks. I certainly intend to have a break. Watch out the West Country.
Sue Howes said…
If you're coming west you MUST come to visit me.

I call that plant cleavers too. I feed it to the ponies as it's supposedly very good for them.
Jane Badger said…
It would have been lovely (and I was planning to come by On Saturday) but alas I have to get back earlier. Next time, I promise!

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