Morning walk, 20th June 2012

A lovely day. I don't know why the snail who had stowed away on my wellington thought it was a good idea. It was an awful lot wetter outside the porch. 

I was fairly wet by the time we got to this point, where the vegetation is beyond waist high. The dog left puffs of pollen behind her with every step she took. Beautiful, but awful if you are sensitive to grass pollen.

It just seems daft to wear water proof trousers when the weather is so lovely. And at least you dry off quickly when it's so warm.


madwippitt said…
Still ho;les in the wellies I see. Good thing the snail didn't slip inside it ...
ArchibaldOrmsbyGore said…
Ah, this reminds me of my daily walk this summer, across similar terrain to see my pony. i kept a pair of leggings by the back door specially for walks, then chucked them in the dryer afterwards - leggings dont feel so clammy when soaked. My walk is under threat of development too. I'm greatly enjoying catching up on your blog, backwards. Thanks.
Jane Badger said…
I'm sorry to hear about your walk. Here the developer has appealed against the refusal of planning permission, and I think it'll be heard in February. How far has the proposal for your development gone? And I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!

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