Evening walk, 8th June 2012

Me, on stepping outside to dog walk: "I feel like I haven't been outside for days."

Husband: "That's because you haven't."

This is true. I've been doing the final draft of the book, which is now done. And which has an introduction. And will have a conclusion by the end of today. I am almost, almost, ready to write THE END. Phew.

Did not manage to take camera with me, so these were done on my phone. I was amazed by how much the oats had grown since I saw them last. The sheep have now gone on elsewhere, and their field has been topped. We just might be having the sheep ourselves. English Nature are coming to look at our field, as it's been untreated grassland for years. Once they have, we'll either take the hay off it, or have the sheep, or possibly both.


Anonymous said…
Wow! Well done!

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