Morning walk, 1st June 2012

Yesterday's walk happened, but unrecorded. I was up at 3.00 am yesterday, head blazing with stuff for my book. When I wake up like that, there is absolutely no point in trying to go back to sleep, so I stump off to the computer and work. However, by the time dog walk time comes, I am still in a world of book, and details like the camera are beyond me, particularly when we have another dog, as we do at the moment.

Merlin is a very, very old dog. We have to adapt our walks as he no longer does steps or stiles, but once he gets going he has a decent turn of speed. I slept till 5.45 am this morning (result!) so managed to get out of the door with both dogs, leads, pooh bags, coat and camera, not all of which I managed yesterday first shot.


Dog seems utterly determined to prevent me photographing buttercups.

Herb Robert.


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