World Book Night

World Book Night is almost upon us (March 5th -apologies for leaving this salient piece of information out before.) I don't have any of the set books to give away, and don't actually know anybody who has either locally, but never mind.  Nothing to stop me giving away a book.  So, I will be giving away:

I reviewed this a couple of years back.  I've re read it since, and it more than stood up to it.

 Please add your name to the comments below and I will do a draw on World Book Night.


OK, now I have to go find out what World Book Night is. At first I thought it had something to do with the World Book Encyclopedia--an encyclopedia series popular here in the USA and the first one we got on our home bookshelves back in the '60s. Which actually would not be a bad thing.
Val Amis said…
Val Amis
mokey said…
Have always wanted to read War Horse! x mokey
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pullein-thompson-archive said…
If it is not too late, I would like to be considered for this book
Jane Badger said…
World Book Night is 5th March, so still plenty of time!

Thanks all for entering into the draw.

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