Afternoon walk

Amazing autumn light yesterday on my dog walk.  I have been quite bad about taking the camera with me over the past months, mainly because dog walking done in the pitch dark doesn't offer a lot of scope for photography.  Well, it might if I really got to grips with the interior workings of my camera, but I haven't.

I wanted to photograph the lichens and frost blasted leaves before they are covered up by Spring.

I want to go back and get a better, less hurried look at the amazing patterns on this tree.  I was so struck by it I forgot to look and see if it was elder or hawthorn, and as tree spotting is not amongst my skills, can't alas tell from the photo.

Lords and Ladies (or Jack in the Hedge) is already lurking at the foot of the hedges.  I was cheered to see the nettle sprouting too further along.  It will no doubt get me later in the season.  It always does.

It was too cold for the pigs, whose paddock is out of the sun.  I completely saw their point by the time we got to their part of the valley, though dog did not and plunged into the icy stream.


How pretty. I envy your walk route! Funny, I photographed some lichens last week--waiting for lichen book to come in from library to ID them--someone else has them all out, funnily enough. I guess the stark bare branches with these big globs of bright color on them are catching many eyes.

the pigs must've thought your dog was daft!
Jane Badger said…
I thought the dog was daft, let alone the pigs. Must go along to the library and see if they have a lichen identification book. They do seem to have a last flourish before they vanish under the spring leaves. The lichens I mean, not library books. Although maybe they do too.
Lovely pics Jane! It really is about time we had some decent, sunny spring days!!
Gorgeous walk : )

Sharon x

PS No help with the lichens I'm afraid !
Jane Badger said…
Thanks Sharon. Absolutely agree with you about the need for sunny days. It has been drear recently. Mind you, the streams of living water flowing down the High Street at the moment from the water main in School Hill which has burst (again) are not helping the dampness factor!
Little Pet Pigs said…
Our pigs don't seem to mind the cold.

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