Things I do people would rather I didn't

There is a thread over on one of the parenting websites at the moment about things your nearest and dearest do which drive you bats, unreasonably so.  Some of this is sobering reading, as many of the things that annoy, I actually do. I

  • have hundreds of books on the go, all at the same time, leave them over the entire house and get miffed when they are moved.  And grumble that I cannot find them.  And grumble I do not know what to read.
  • never, ever get up from a sofa and even consider sorting the cushions out
  • always use the same knife for butter and jam and leave jammy marks on the butter.  I know this is irritating, and I then spend ages scraping the jammy bits off the butter with my buttery/jammy knife.  It would be far, far quicker just to use a spoon for the jam in the first place, but I never do.  Got ticked off by Our Vicar as a child for the sin of Using The Same Knife For Everything, and think I have been in a state of rebellion ever since
  • am very, very bad at putting tops back on things properly.   And then get irritated with family when they remonstrate after being covered by juice/milk whatever, and saying "you know what I'm like- take more care!"  Yes, I know.
  • never, ever, ever, wash a paint brush.  I prefer to wrap them in cling film so I can get round to them later.  Later somehow never comes.
  • lick my knife.  Though not at the table.

However, just to keep my end up, I will mention the thing all of my family do without exception, and it drives me bats.  They all leave pans to "soak".  Always the difficult stuff.  Never the easy-peasy, wash it in seconds stuff.


Anonymous said…
Hee, reminds me of that old saw about a gentleman being someone who uses a butter knife even when he's on his own.
TBH all your bad habits would annoy me, too, except the having books everywhere.
Unknown said…
At least they are leaving the pans to soak, and not just letting the nasty stuff to dry in the pans and become even harder to remove.
Jane Badger said…
Yes, that's true. I should be grateful for the water.

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