Self publishing

New readers might wonder why I have the little box warning off the self-published.  This review and book are absolutely nothing to do with me, but the whole thing's a classic example of how not to respond to a review.


Anonymous said…
My goodness! I've had a few comments from authors before but nothing like that. All it takes is using a copy-editor to go through their work and they wouldn't have these issues, and I'm not just saying that to whip up work for myself!!
Sue Howes said…
I'm speechless.
Stunned. I thought I'd seen it all back in the day when we rejected works in the slush pile and then got mad ravings from the people who sent them in (thus proving, as if it were necessary, that our decision to reject was the right one indeed), but this takes the cake. That is one unprofessional "writer."
mokey said…
Wow - she may be lacking in grammatical style but she sure is proficient in SelfDestruct101!!
Jane Badger said…
Meltdown isn't in it, is it? I wonder if it's something to do with seeing comments in print, even if it's on the internet, somehow lending comments validity, even if they are those of your nearest and dearest? It wasn't a bad review anyway. Ironically the author has attracted much worse reviews by kicking off.

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