Running out of bookshelf space?

Try this.


Mary Trafford said…
Well, isn't that something! A funky, cluttery-looking chair that actually doesn't look very comfortable either...which pretty much matches the price tag of well over £4,000! If the chair doesn't put a kink in your back, the price tag will! I think I'd rather spend the money on books. It's an innovative idea, though, and as someone who always has a book-storage challenges, I might look at a home-made adaptation as an option. Thanks for sharing this!
Jane Badger said…
I know! It doesn't look even remotely comfortable, does it? And where do you stand your mug of tea?
Mary Trafford said…
Exactly. One solution would be tod put your tea mug on top of your fancy magazines. The downside is that tea is likely to dribble down the sides, along with the crumbs from your cookies, and damage your precious reading collection. But then again, if you can afford to buy the chair, you can afford to replace your books or magazines, or get the cleaning staff to fix the whole mess!
Jane Badger said…
I think I'll go for the cleaning staff option.

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