Was it what they expected?

Thanks to Rachael from Tales from the Village for this idea.  If you have analytics on your site, which I do, you can track what searches people used to find you.  I've often cast a cursory look at the keywords people have used, but boy have I been missing a trick.

I wonder why anyone would want to know about Chilprufe children's vests, a nightmare I remember vividly from my youth.  Those I think must have been the woollen vests Ann Derry's mother forced her to take on a pony trek in Jill's Gymkhana.  Ann buried them in a hedge.

There was a rather sad search on "nobody loves me enough to buy me a unicorn", which poster must have become all the sadder if they read some of my more trenchant posts on the subject of the unicorn.

Hopefully the people who searched for Black Beauty, far and away the most popular route to this blog, were a bit happier with what they found.  Goodness knows I've done enough posts on the subject.

I am intrigued by the person who searched for Chosen by a horse bad review.  Did they want their opinion confirming?

Quite a few gardening related searches come up too; wild flower compost, compost, lavender hedge... and they must be disappointed as the only gardening posts I do are me moaning on about the state of the garden and my complete inability to get on top of it.

Quite what the people searching for Marmite made of me feeding it to the hens goodness knows.

I bet the five people searching for hard driven pony girls were a tad disappointed when they arrived on this blog, as was the person looking for mallory sex.


Too funny. I am still wondering what the people who searched using the terms "can you be weird looking and still hot" and "the very hungry bounty hunter" thought when they arrived at my site. Not to mention the person searching for recipes for "evil weird pies."

And just who is Mallory? ;)
Unknown said…
Looking at phrases used that lead to my site.

I am puzzled by the search for 'I seem to have lost the horizon' and also have no idea why this directed someone to my site.
'of the psecial feeling of one' is equally baffling.
Also not sure why someone was searching for 'the dark side of Kentucky' - I probably don't really want to know...
And quite waht the person searching for 'her gun cable ties' wanted, I can't imagine.
Jane Badger said…
You do wonder what goes on in people's minds don't you?
Sue Howes said…
Maybe some of the more bizarre ones were Googlewhacking.
That's a game (taught to me by a kid at school) whereby you have to think of three unconnected words, type them into google and see how many results you get. Low numbers of results are what you want.
My best score was three!
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Interesting post, Jane.

Another use for marmite my vet told me. If you have a cat who is horrendous at taking tablets (especially those that are on regular medication), crush the tablet and mix it with a little marmite. Spread the mixture on the front paws. Cats hate anything on their paws, and will naturally wash it off, therefore ingesting the medication.

Do check with the vet though if you can crush the tablet if unsure: some tablets are not suitable for crushing.
Oh, and on the subject of my blog, I dont have any weird things like yours, but strangely, most of my viewers seem come from Australia rather than the UK. UK is not even second, and I should really try harder to update it because clearly people are interested.

I had a couple of visits from people using google.hk which is rather strange, as far as I am aware of, none of the PTs had their works translated into Chinese. So some people in Hong Kong are interested.
Right, so of course I had to try the Googlewhacking thing. Managed to score just 2 hits with "solipsistic roachlike castigate." I will stop now.
Jane Badger said…
Thanks for the tip PTA - I didn't know about marmite and tablets, and I didn't know that some tablets weren't suitable for crushing either, so that's really useful. I'd just sort of assumed you could crush anything.

Sue, thanks. I'm off to googlewhack now. Christina I did misread yours as cockroaches to start with. Not entirely sure why.
pullein-thompson-archive said…
Jane: generally you are ok with worming tablets. It's tablets for medical conditions or infections which may be unsuitable for crushing. So if your cat has developed a medical condition which he or she needs tablets, it may be best to ask a vet or a vet nurse whether it is suitable for crushing.
Jane Badger said…
Thanks! Hopefully I have that committed to memory now.
Jane Badger said…
Christina, I give you kimblewick phantasmagorical radium. No hits.
Ah, Jane, that is a brilliant combo. You win, hands down! Surely there is a Google badge out there somewhere for that trio! (And as for "was it what they were expecting," I just found that someone found my site by googling "piccalilli porn pie." I *know* they were disappointed. (I also think they might have meant "corn," and were perhaps flabbergasted, instead, at what else they turned up.)
Jane Badger said…
I think I'd better go and cook now before I go too far down the route of imagining just what piccalilli porn pie is.

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