Ponies in a pub

Despite the cosy title to this post, which sounds like a slightly off Lucy Daniels, this isn't a cutesome post; what you see in the clip below is just vile. The way these ponies are kicked, pulled about and spat on is appalling.


What a charming load of people in that scene. Especially the jerk to the left who is toting a tiny child around while he boozes it up. Then he hands the kid off to someone so he can better kick at the ponies and set more fine examples for the child. Ugh! And not a single comment in the article about the cruelty to the ponies.
Jane Badger said…
I absolutely agree - I'm not surprised, bearing in mind the paper it's in. It basically pedals tits and prejudice. The Sun did recently get terribly het up about the poor donkey that was parasailed on a Russian beach, but alas bought the wrong one when they tried to save it.

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