Morning walk

Which actually happened yesterday, but which I haven't had chance to load until today.

It's a very deceptive photograph this - I did it just to show the mist, and it looks a rural idyll on first sight. However, if you look closely, modern life is certainly present. You can clearly see the two railway lines, and also the mobile phone mast to the left. What you can't see is the A45 thundering away behind the tree line. At least the railway is intermittent. Just up from the picture is the village's old station, now thundered through. Nothing's stopped since Dr Beeching.

If the station were still working, my children would have walked past this view every day on their way to the school. As it is, we do a lift share with another family, and have a 10 mile round trip to take the children to our nearest station.

The rabbits have made full use of the railway embankment, and there is a huge warren. It has an eerily empty feel about it at the moment. I'm not sure if I'm just imagining it, but there's certainly not many droppings about, so I wonder what's happened to the rabbits.

There's masses of wild clematis about at the moment, and it's particularly beautiful with the little droplets on it. I'm glad I managed to photograph it as I'm not good at taking the camera out with me as a matter of course, and by the time I do remember, the things I wanted to photograph have changed. Generally it's as much as I can do to get self and dog out in the morning, with me being correctly shod. Have got this wrong a couple of times recently as I completely underestimated the amount of dew on the ground.

It's been a good year for fruit. Despite the hedges being flailed, there's still plenty of sloes. As I still have the ones I picked last year in the freezer, I don't think I'll indulge this year. Must try and think of something sensible to do with them that is not sloe gin, as we still have the unopened bottle a friend gave us last year.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on with the hawthorn here, but it doesn't look like normal autumn colouration to me.

It's amazing how flowers keep going. The scabious and the white campion (though not the red - I wonder why?) keep popping flowers out.

I wonder if my son will miss any of this as he heads off to his city university this Saturday. He was born in London, and spent his first 7 years there, so I wonder if the bustle of city life will seem in any way familiar. It's going to be very odd for us without him (though odd is not the word his sister would use).


Val said…
Really Lovely photos...many thanks

It's frosty here, with a squirrel pelting the ground with cones he/she is harvesting from the spruce in the back yard.

My Father used to travel from his village to the nearby Market Town to Grammar school, but Mr Beeching put a stop to that track too I'm afraid.

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