PBOTD: 29th January, Michelle Bates - A Horse for the Summer

The Sandy Lane stables series has been in print since the 1990s. It's set at a stables, and features a group of girls and boys and their equestrian adventures. A Horse for the Summer, published in 1996, was the first in what was to be a series of nine books. The series was written by two authors: Michelle Bates and Susannah Leigh. The exact authorship isn't terribly clear. Some titles can be found with both authors credited.

Usborne first edition, 1996
The first printing of the series had photographic covers. The next printings, both, as far as I know, produced in 2009, go a little way towards the current trend for the pink and sparkly. 

Usborne reprint, 2009
Usborne reprint, 2009

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For more on the Sandy Lane Stables series, there's a page on my website.


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