PBOTD: January 4th, Joyce Stranger - The January Queen

Joyce Stranger's The January Queen is a nice obvious choice for January. She's an author I didn't come across until relatively recently, bit if you're keen on animal stories, Joyce Stranger's the woman for you. She's written stories about badgers, foxes, dogs, cats and of course horses and ponies.The January Queen is the story of spoiled and irresponsible Kate Malone. She is idolised by her parents, but they realise that she's taken advantage of that after she causes a disaster on their farm. Kate's mother decides it's time to push her chick well and truly out of the nest, and Kate's removed from the comforts of home to a nearby cottage. After her initial fury, she buys an in-foal Shire mare called January Queen, and with the help of the mare's former owner, learns about life, herself, and of course horses.

The first edition appeared in 1975, published by Michael Joseph. Corgi published her stories in paperback form, and they sold very well. It's these editions you're most likely to find today.

Michael Joseph, 1975

Corgi paperback

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For much more on Joyce Stranger, click here.


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