Stumbled across this

Floreal - quite stunning. My French is not quite up to the task of reading the whole blog but the pictures are simply glorious.


callmemadam said…
Thank you so much! Just my thing and I've bookmarked it.
Juliet said…
Ooh, you're right, they are gorgoue (my French not equal to the task, either!)
Jane Badger said…
Aren't they lovely? Really one of those things that makes the internet so worthwhile!
Gillian said…
I clicked on a link to a comment, just to see if comments were in French or a variety of languages.

The blog promptly talked at me in French ! Most unexpected - and not very clear either, so didn't pick out a word he spoke. I didn't know blogs could do that.

The comment was in French btw
Jane Badger said…
Gosh. Have been clicking away to see if I could get the blog to do this, but I couldn't! I didn't know they could do it either.

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