Glorious sunny day today: I'm doing something wrong with my snow photographs as most of them look distinctly blue - back to the instruction manual I think.

Dog very worried indeed by the snowman, and barked and rumbled at it until we were well out of sight.

The hens have tried eating the snow - not sure why, as their water wasn't frozen, but the newbies at any rate have been pecking at it keenly. The old guard didn't bother, presumably having already worked out its food value was nil.

Children's school is closed today, and picked them up yesterday with no trouble, thankfully, though getting back into our yard, which is on a slope, was interesting. After a bit of careful maneouvering I eventually managed it, though not exactly where I wanted to be. OH thankfully made it home fairly easily. In the last big snow, he was stuck on the M11, though unlike the poor souls who spent the night there, did eventually manage to make it through.


Alison said…
Love the photo's !! Our children were off yesterday and today. I took some super photo's yesterday (scenery, children, dog, hens etc) and felt so pleased with myself as I wanted to put them on my blog for my brother to see (who has moved to sunny Australia!) ...when I got home OH told me I had the camera on the wrong setting !!! Went out again at 4pm but everything was melting ever so slightly so it wasnt the same !!! Enjoy the day! Ali
Jane Badger said…
Hi Ali! I spent some time fiddling round with the camera trying to find a setting that would work, but failed. I know my ancient Kodak had an actual snow setting but the super-duper digital effort doesn't seem to! Bad luck with your photos. I hear that Australia is horribly hot, and I'm glad I'm here! Enjoy your day too.
Juliet said…
Lovely photos - I was too much of a wimp to venture out with a camera on Monday. And also extremely grumpy that the weather had scuppered my plans for the day!
Jane Badger said…
Thanks Juliet - I think you probably had a whole lot more snow than us. I do love snow as long as I don't actually have to get anywhere. If your plans were for things that were fun, I hope they're not put off forever!
Anonymous said…
I love that photo of the dog!

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