More Snow

Beautiful, and thankfully without that much worry as none of my nearest and dearest are able to get anywhere today. We have to ration milk though: meant to go up to the Co-op at 8 today after I'd done the animals but decided to dog walk and do some work. Shelves bare by the time I did walk up - not a slice of bread; not a jot of milk. "I bet you've seen people you didn't even know existed," I said to one of the assistants. "I didn't know so many people lived in the village," she said.

Having consulted the instruction manual, I have now found the snow setting for the camera, so my efforts were a bit more successful today. Even my very, very untidy garden has had its imperfections blotted out.

Absolutely no sign of the hens venturing out. They have not stirred from the stables. Beautiful though it is, the snow is undoubtedly bleak if you are not that tall.

The hens' paddock.

Repeating my effects here on the dog walk:

I didn't go on my run this morning, for obvious reasons, but ploughing through the snow certainly provided enough of a work out. It was amazingly silent this morning: no background hum from the A45; no cars going along the High Street, and no one about at all. Most dog walkers hadn't walked -

Dog loves the snow, and can find a stick anywhere, even under 6 inches of snow.

The few who had dog walked hadn't got this far. It's years since I've seen snow drifting through the hedge like this:

We then ruined it, of course, by walking on it. I do always feel bad about ruining the perfection.


Anonymous said…
Very lovely photos ... we here in Western Pennsylvania are also snowed in but I think we may be a bit more accustom to it than you might be. But we are never as beautiful as in your icy world!
Vanessa said…
I can't beleive how much snow you have on the road outside! Am deeply envious.
Frances said…
What beautiful pics! Glad your lab found a stick :), very clever and the fact that the hens stayed in made me laugh! They like to be warm I am learning
Jane Badger said…
Becca - thanks. We haven't had snow like this for years and years, not since before my son was born (and he's 17) so you're right, we're not used to it!

Vanessa - you're welcome to come and share! We had another inch last night, which seems to have welded itself onto my car.

Frances - aren't labs clever? The hens are actually desperate to get out and get some green but the snow's set so hard overnight I can't actually shift it to clear some grass for them. How are you? Will pop over to your blog now in the hope of news!
Frances said…
Wow, I can't believe how heavy your snow is, poor things they must wonder what on earth is going on!

I'm much better thanks, walking around, but can't lift too much, so Hub's having to help me more than normal with picking feet, poo picking and shifting fences :)

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