The Ice Wood

The frost was so hard yesterday not only could dog stand on the snow and make no impact, so could I (and I am a LOT heavier than the dog.) This morning, before diving back into cataloguing, I decided to do the wood walk: not a mistake I'll make again, at least until the ice has gone.

The wood walk is much more popular than the fields one, so all the snow has been compacted and the paths are a beautiful sheet of solid, bumpy ice. Even the dog fell over, after she tried a complicated gambol with a stick.

The poor deer are so hungry they have even been nibbling at the stinking iris.

I love the strange geometric shapes in the ice. The dog doesn't appreciate me stopping all the time to take photos, and likes to remind me that she hasn't forgotten about me by thundering through the puddles, sending the patterns into cracky disaster. The photos are pre-labrador.


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