Not really terribly pony related this post; though I am having a brief break from proof reading Six Ponies. I've had a few manic days recently as I've been organising a drama course, of which the first day has finally happened. So far it's going well, though I am absolutely shattered. Why though do I have such broken nights beforehand, suddenly waking up and adding something to my vast list of things to do? I wish there was a way of training my brain to think of these things at a sensible hour, but it seems to prefer to do it at unsocial hours when I'd really much rather be asleep.

The children are doing really well, and we've nearly got to the end: just frantic rehearsals tomorrow before the performance for parents. Hopefully by then I'll have recovered some voice - having been singing what seems like every part apart from the main one to teach them to children who aren't used to learning parts at speed my voice is in need of rest. As indeed is the rest of me so I shall return to slowly reading every word of the last chapter of Six Ponies!


Vanessa said…
A break from proof-reading Six Ponies???? No - get back to work!! After all, what could be more fun than the minutiae of misplaced apostrohpes and dodgy capitalisation? I dunno, people don't know what a good time is these days... [exits, muttering..]
Unknown said…
Ah, the joys of proofreading, and making those special squiggly marks to correct things.
(which has just remined me that I've got some to be doing next month)

I hope the show goes well, and your voice recovers.
Jane Badger said…
Ah Vanessa.... I staggered back, exhausted, dragged myself through the emails, phone messages, cooked, comforted the dog for my absence, and yes, I finished Six Ponies. Not that I want you to feel bad about it or anything, or to note the amazing quality of my sacrifice.....

Gillian - thanks, the show went very well indeed although we had the usual period leading up to it when it was quite extraordinarily bad. It's finished now and I have that odd feeling of "What do I do now?" I've sat down to get on with some work, but am feeling a oddly twitchy about it.

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