Caroline Akrill

At last, after weeks of getting submerged by a myriad of other things, I have finished my Caroline Akrill article: it's here.


Vanessa said…
How marvellous - well done. I love the Eventing trilogy and have always adored the Fane sisters - so completely barking! Maybe I should see if I can fit them into our list....?
Susan in Boston said…
Love the article! The Eventing Trilogy is my favorite as well (how can you not love the-mare-who-slipped-a-stifle?) that I know where Akrill works I may just have to take a vacation and get my books signed :-)
Jane Badger said…
Vanessa - they're fantastic books, and I'm sure they'd still sell.

Susan - thank you! I think the hotel would be fascinating.
That was fab. I very much enjoyed readimg that.
Unknown said…
ooo - there's a third Showing book. I don't think I'd ever heard of 'Caroline Canters Home' before.

Now I want to read it. Any bets on how many years before that happens ?

Thank you for doing the interview. I love the way your site is developing into the best pony book resource on the web.
Jane Badger said…
Gillian.... thank you, thank you!

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