Ballet Girls

In one of the Jills, though I can't remember which one, she says that if she has any children, she's sure they'll like sordid things like Alsatians or ballet. Or at least I think she does. The moment I read that as a child, it was as if a bell pinged and I saw my future, and sure enough, my daughter is a ballet girl.

She's read the Sheltie books, but she's a grown up girl of 11 now, and has left Sheltie well behind. Alas she hasn't replaced them with any of my lovely pony books; not one. I've made subtle, and not so subtle, efforts to interest her in Jill but it hasn't worked.



Unknown said…
If she's not reading pony books by now, it may be too late.

On the bright side, at least you won't be finding oats or pony cubes in her pockets when you do the laundry, and she's less likely to be treading in muck and trailing it over the floors.

And ballet is good exercise, which is better than no exercise.
Give her time!

I believe it was the one in which she gave Dinah Dean her old clothes, that she'd been saving for the daughters she would have in the future ... Jill Enjoys her Ponies was it?
Jane Badger said…
I am a shameless mother. I have bribed her with a lipgloss to read Jill's Gymkhana.

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