The Daily Telegraph Does Ponies

Susanna Forrest has written an article for today's Daily Telegraph on pony books: it's here. Aside from the fact I am quoted (along with Caroline Akrill and Vanessa from Fidra), it's a good article, with whose conclusions I do of course agree! As I am a complete anorak, I was particularly interested to read about the 18th century book by Arabella Argus: Memoirs of Dick, the little poney. Of course, had I only given it a second's thought, it was highly likely that there would have been horsey stories pre-Black Beauty. I'm now all excited by the thought of a whole set of early books I knew nothing about, but will have to try very hard not to do anything about it until I have got a bit further down the to-do pile - including the Caroline Akrill article, which I have very nearly finished, I promise.


Interesting article but not long enough!

Jill & Co had nothing to do with my life in the 1980s when I read the books, nor do they now when I re-read them. Why do book have to be contemperaneous?
Unknown said…
The J A Allen books of the early 90's were good, contemporary stories, while still being classic pony books. There are some series title dating from the 90's or later too, like the Sandy Lane Stables, and the lovely Magic Dancer books.
So the modern pony book can, and has been, done. It's just been a rare thing, swept aside in the trend for either fantasy, or gritty reality.
Unknown said…
I meant Midnight Dancer, sorry.
Anonymous said…
I agree - books don't have to reflect exactly the life of the reader. I read the "Jill" books in the 80s and loved them, together with several other books written in the 50s. A good story is a good story.
Jane Badger said…
The original was longer - she did get edited, I know.

I've done another blog post to talk about my other thoughts.

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