Daughter did the first of her secondary school induction days yesterday. She is the only one in her class going to this particular school; it's where her brother goes, and it's a good long stretch away from where we live.

Yesterday I dropped them both off at the station: with an excellent start as her brother shot from the car like a bullet, leaving her trying to get her bags together and catch up. Fortunately as soon as he was out of my sight he upped his act, and daughter spent all free time at school being beseiged by what must have been most of year 10. They told her she looked nothing like her brother (just as well as he is 6' 5", hairy and unshaven), and yes, they patted her on the head. I thought they might.

She has made 1 1/2 friends; the half being one she met on the train coming home, and loved school. Oh phew. Oh the relief. Shall now put my guilt at whisking daughter away from all her friends, and thereby behaving in a thoroughly predicatable middle class manner, temporarily back on the shelf.


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