Pony Book Advent Calendar: December 6th 2013

Today's book is Eleanor Helme's White Winter, which alas I can't show pictures of because of copyright issues. It's set in the long, hard winter of 1947, when it snowed, and snowed and snowed. It was only two years after the war ended, and Britain's coal stocks were much depleted, to add to the misery.  No one in White Winter feels sorry for themselves, though, and the book's a wonderful evocation of a time when mustn't grumble was a national mantra.

Here's some film of what it was like in 1947. It doesn't get as far as Exmoor, though my part of the world, Northamptonshire, gets a look in.


Author Eleanor Helme started her writing career as a golf correspondent. She always had a fondness for Exmoor, and moved there with her sister. Eleanor continued to write children's books, bible stories and nature books, many inspired by Exmoor. White Winter is the last of her Adam series, about a family and their Exmoor pony, Adam.

You can learn more about Eleanor Helme here, and see pictures of many of her books.


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