Pony Book Advent Calendar 2013

It'll be a post a day after today, but if you'd like to follow my pony book advent calendar, with a bit more information on the authors and the books, you can do it here. The calendar also pops up on my forum and Facebook page.

December 1st
Ursula Moray-William's Golden Horse with a Silver Tail  - suitably decorative for this time of year.

December 2nd
How many of us did this every single Christmas? Here's Monica Edwards' Wish for a Pony, and for Tamzin, of course, that dream came true. 

December 3rd
A classic read by an American author, Jean Slaughter Doty's Winter Pony is beautifully illustrated by Ted Lewin. If you want to read the original text, be aware that the version currently in print is intended for those who find it difficult to read. The original book is available reasonably cheaply in paperback, published by Scholastic.

December 4th
I love the cover of this. It's one of those lovely wraparound ones Puffin produced in the 1950s. The book is Snow Cloud Stallion, by Gerald Raftery.

December 5th
Pantomime is a central part of many people's Christmas, and Gillian Baxter's Pantomime Ponies is the story of Magic and Moonshine, two ponies who appear on the stage.



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