Morning walks

Apologies for yet more silence.... this was caused by my very wise decision to put the camera battery recharger somewhere safe. And then not being able to remember where the somewhere safe was. As I have an awful lot of old book stock I want to shift, I've been husbanding the battery power for photographing books, though did do a quick sortie because I wanted to photograph the crows.

And where was the sensible place where I had stored the battery charger? The shoe cleaning box. There are two conclusions you can draw from this:

1. I do not clean my shoes very often (and neither does anyone else in the family, come to that.)

2. I inhabit an odd parallel universe where the shoe cleaning box counts as a sensible storage option for a battery charger. Unfortunately I do not inhabit that universe all the time.

Wednesday 29th August


Friday 31st August
Long shadows. And ploughing.


love the crows on the steeple!
Jane Badger said…
There are crows everywhere at the moment. Or maybe they are rooks. I'm not sure...

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