Morning walks, 6th-8th August 2012

Blogging on the back burner this week: because I have been watching the Olympics, which have been (and still are) amazing. If it's a case of bread and circuses, I'm quite happy to have a circus break before the resumption of doom and gloom. It's like a holiday: makes you feel better to tackle what you know is coming afterwards.  So, three walks in one here.

6th August

8th August

9th August

It's clear! No longer the jungle. Could this have something to do with the fact the planning application is finally coming before the council, and there's a site visit on the morning of 13th August? We'll know then the immediate fate of the application. I'm certain though that if it's rejected, the applicants (Barwoods) will appeal.


madwippitt said…
Plant some ancient artefacts and claim that it's a site of vital archaeological significance! (well, it works in the pony books)

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