Morning walks, August 2012

Another series of catch up posts. 

9th August
Before I went away, harvest hadn't happened.

10th August
Whoever lighted this fire at the edge of the field was lucky the ground was still sodden. We weren't so lucky a couple of years ago when someone started a fire in our field and we lost the whole of the top two acres. It's supposed to be re-generating as a flower-rich meadow, and the fire put it back several years.

 And the church clock is now finished!

17th August


20th August

Bales that you could lug along by yourself are a thing of the past. Dog obligingly trotted by this one so I could get the scale.

There's still a few lone, unharvested, plants at the edge of the field.

I love these great, leaning, towers. Temporary architecture.


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