What holiday?

Last week I spent the holiday money.  Business has been up and down of late (though I seemed spectacularly unaffected by the Royal Wedding - it's school holidays as does me down) so I was mulling on whether or not to invest in the business, which is still making a profit, just about, or hang on and have a couple of days away, though even this might have come to naught anyway because of other family pressures.

Anyway, when the chance of new stock came up; and a lot of it at that, I took it. We will be having family days out.   New stock doesn't always come along when you want it to in my line of business: once I knew I was going to buy this, of course someone else contacted me with another large collection they thought I might be interested in.  It was mostly children's books, rather than horse, so I didn't feel as bad as I might have done at turning it down, but I felt a pang.

So, off I went last week to the deepest Midlands.  Here's some pictures of what I bought - 261 horse and pony books. I am now barricaded into my desk by piles of books, and anyone who wants to use the computer other than me does so with threats of death ringing in their ears lest they disturb a pile in any way.   The family are used to this.  If anyone struggles, it is me, as I build up large piles of books next to my chair without giving any thought about how I am going to get out.  It's a new slant on painting yourself into a corner, I suppose.

I felt quite pleased with myself today as I have catalogued 40 books, though having worked out that that still leaves 221, I felt less buoyant.

Movement is very slightly easier, as I have tried to catalogue by area: I've identified a small rectangle of rug which if I clear, I can get out without either breaking an ankle or worse, kicking a book.  Some people catalogue alphabetically and in order. I catalogue so I can get out and eat.


Oh dear! I know that's an awful lot of work heaped up on your floor, but to those of us not doing the work, it just looks like a horse-lover's dream of rummaging in an attic.
Jane Badger said…
Yes, the rummaging bit is alright. I always enjoy getting the stuff out of the boxes!
Chris said…
I'm rather envious of that collection there!
Jane Badger said…
Yes, and I'm still enjoying them as have only catalogued half! Though when I get back to work after this couple of weeks off, there's still an awful lot of cataloguing to do....

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