Wartime recycling

I took the dustjacket off the 1941 edition of Primrose Cumming's The Silver Eagle Riding School, so I could put it in a protective cover, which as you can see it was in dire need of, and lo!

this was on the other side.

 I've never actually seen the dustjacket for Khyberie, so this was a double treat.  What a shame it is to have to cover it up, but you can't have both sides of a bookjacket on display at once.  This isn't the only double-sided dustjacket I've found, but it's the only one I've managed to photograph.  I'm not sure whether this was strictly a wartime practice.


Funnily enough , I bought a Primrose Cummings book recently which was set & published during the war & it also had a different DJ on the inside.
haffyfan said…
I have a war time edition of Dinah by Seaby which has Wild Horse Silver by TC Hinkle on the reverse. Typically it's a far nicer cover but I don't own the book so it stays hidden for now.
Not so spectacular, but one of my Kathleen Herald books (think it is Sabre, but not so sure) has a lovely illustration of a man and tiger, on the back.

Think it was a plate to go into another book, rather than a dj cover, but still it fits in with the theme of this post. I have checked the other two Kathleen Herald books, but they are just plain backs.
Jane Badger said…
CCC - was that Owl's Castle? Must dig my own copy out and have a look. It might make an interesting subject for the website. I have a feeling an Allen Seaby book I had a while back had a double sided dustjacket as well.

Haffy - are you ever tempted to put the other one on display just because?

PTA - I hadn't thought of there being plates as well, but that makes sense. I have a copy of Sabre in the next load of books for sale, but my daughter covered it. WIll have to go and doublecheck.

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