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One of the useful things about Blogger is the stats.  Below is the list of my most popular posts. I'm slightly depressed by the fact that my two most popular reviews by far are the ones in which I have spread myself somewhat on the book's failings.  It is much easier to be snarky, I find, than to write a really good, positive review.  The position of War Horse (which is a positive review) in the stats is more likely to be because of its current mighty popularity as a play.

The one post whose position in the top five really mystifies me is The Way Things Were:  Pony Magazine in the 1960s, which is a look back at riding clothes adverts and the beauties of the 1960s jodphur.  The stats aren't precise enough for me to work out quite how people find that post, but I'd love to know why it's stayed so popular. 

19 Sep 2008, 13 comments
1,276 Pageviews
29 Jul 2010, 1 comment
738 Pageviews
29 May 2009, 7 comments
410 Pageviews
22 Oct 2009, 7 comments
367 Pageviews
11 Jul 2008, 9 comments
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Your post sent me scurrying off to see how Blogger stats work. My three most ‘popular’
posts so far are

(1) Templecombe medieval pageant
(2) Ladybird book telling the time
(3) Marjorie Torrey illustrator of Alice in Wonderland.

Odd to think that a Ladybird book is more popular than Alice, even odder that the ‘favourite’ post is about a day out and nothing to do with books.

I suppose the moral is list less books have more days out.

Looks like the weekend starts now then!

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