Mary Stewart giveaway

Hodder and Stoughton have done a glam re-issue of Mary Stewart's books (at last).  I like these.  They're the right side of glamorous, without being annoyingly and self-consciously "vintage".  All Stewart's heroines had those tiny waists, as well of course as oodles of inner strength and resourcefulness. And for those wondering if I can go a whole entire blog post without mentioning the horse, she did of course write the Lipizzaner adventure Airs Above the Ground.

If you fancy winning the title of your choice from the re-issues (and I do) go on over to the Brown Paper blog, where you can enter a giveaway to win the Mary Stewart of your choice.  I've gone for The Crystal Cave, which I can remember getting out of the library and lugging to school.  


Thanks for letting us know.

I still have an old copy of Airs Above The Ground with original dust jacket.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info. The Book People are offering ten Mary Stewart books for £9.99.
Jane Badger said…
I still have my mother's old copy of Airs Above the Ground (the old style paperback). It's a great book.

Thanks CMM - will beetle off and have a look at that offer now.

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