Steptoe rides again?

I was in Birmingham last weekend, sitting in a garden, when I heard a terrible wailing from the street outside.  The people I was with were vaguely irritated, but not at all alarmed.  They saw my puzzled face, and explained the noise was the trumpet the rag and bone man blew.  He was a regular, and not a popular, visitor.  He had a van, not a horse.  Maybe that was where he was going wrong.

There was recent article in the Daily Express which extolled the benefits of the resurgent rag and bone man with horse; the horse apparently encouraging people to recycle in France.  Maybe someone should give Mr Birmingham Rag-and-Bone a copy of the article.  Charm might be the way to go.

Thanks to Rosemary Hall for telling me about this.


More eco friendly than a van too!
Hmm...maybe I should get a cart for Dylan & we could go around collecting vintage treasures! :-)
Anonymous said…
Ah yes - I have got used to it, working from home, but it freaked out my other half the other day!

If you're in Bham again you should have a meetup for followers of your blog!

Jane Badger said…
CCC - yes. I really think that's the way to go. Seriously.

Libro - are you anywhere near Northfield? That's where I was! Next time I'm in Birmingham I'll be in touch.
Anonymous said…
Jane - I'm in Kings Heath - not too far away and there's a bus between the two. Would be lovely to meet you!

-- Liz
Ali Mal said…
Ours, also sans horse, rings a large bell. I keep expecting him to let rip with "Bring out your dead" at any moment!
Jane Badger said…
A bell must be a lot more harmonious than the trumpet. I feel quite left out now. Are rag and bone men a purely urban phenomenon?

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