New pony book releases - June

Here's a round up of the pony book releases I know about for June.

Babette Cole - The Enchanted Pony, The Curse of the Pony Vampires
The next two in Babette Cole’s Fetlock Hall series are out in June.  Penny Simms continues her adventures at boarding school Fetlocks Hall, fighting against the evil Devilpeds.  Vampires finally make their way into a pony book in The Curse of the Pony Vampires.  It was only a matter of time.  Bloomsbury Publishing, £5.99.

Monica Dickens - Dora at Follyfoot
Andersen Publishing have the next Follyfoot episode out this month.  £4.99.

Patricia Leitch - Gallop to the Hills
The next Jinny re-issue is out this month, as Catnip continue their lovely series of reprints.  £5.99.

Stacy Gregg - Nightstorm and the Grand Slam
The 12th in the Pony Club Secrets series is due out this month.  This lengthy series is nearing completion now.  HarperCollins, £5.99.

Alison Lester - Noni the Pony
Excellent Australian author Alison Lester has a new picture book out in June.  Noni the pony lives on a farm, but has trouble sleeping.  That’s when her friends step in to help out.  Allen & Unwin, £11.99. Hardcover.

Jerry Hunter - The Cloud Horses
Gomer Press, £4.99.  Out on 20th June is the English language version of this book (first published in Welsh).  It’s a fantasy about Rhian, who is to be the keeper of the secret of the one time of year the cloud horses decent to the earth.

Mary Finn - The Horse Girl
Walker Books, £6.99.  Out 2nd June.  This is an historical story.  Ling’s horse Belladonna is stolen, and she is worried the horse is with the artist Stubbs, who is apparently known for flailing horses in order to study their anatomy.  Together with her friend Thomas, they pay a visit to Stubbs.

Steve Farley - The Black Stallion and the Lost City
Latest in the long-running Black Stallion franchise, now taken over by son-of-Walter, Steve, is The Black Stallion and the Lost City.  It’s out in hardback at the end of the month.  Random House.

Heather Brooks - Hope: Show and Tell (Running Horse Ridge 4)
I have to admit that Running Horse Ridge 1-3 have passed me by, but number 4’s out at the end of this month.  The series is set at Running Horse Ridge, where Emily gets to “look after horses 24/7”.   I can't find any information on the author at all.  Maybe there's some out there somewhere.  HarperCollins.


Anonymous said…
But ... but ... the last Walter Farley Black Stallion ends with the end of the world! How'd they get past that one??
Huh! Did they set the Black Stallion loose on another planet? Or did they pull the ol' "Dallas" stunt of "it was all a dream, sorry"?
Jane Badger said…
You do both realise I will have to buy it now TO FIND OUT? Maybe it's a retrospective. There's an awful lot of Black Stallion you could retrospect, if you felt the need.

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