More on that hat

The filly-in-the hat I blogged about a couple of days ago is a real life racehorse.  I had wondered if she was photoshopped but due to not reading Horse and Hound closely enough last month I entirely missed the fact that Ambers is a 2 year old filly owned by Fox's Biscuits, and she is going to star in an advertising campaign for their biscuits later on this year.  In fact, she might be starring in it already.   I must

a. pay more attention to Horse and Hound and not just read the horses for sale ads at the back and daydream and

b. not switch off brain when the tv advertisements come on.

I had quite hoped there would be something about milliner Stephen Jones' foray into equestrian design on his website, but alas no, possibly in my opinion as a keen observer of fashion because Amber's hat doesn't fit into his Spring/Summer 2011 theme, which is drifting and dreaming.  Definitely has the colour block thing covered though - the hat is the sort of technicolour dream you're not going to forget in a hurry.   More pics here.  I bet trainer Richard Hannon hadn't expected hat-wearing to be part of the brief when he took the filly on.  He's done a good job.


Ohhh...kay. I just went to their site and am completely flummoxed as to why a 150+ year-old British biscuit company has a panda bear who talks like a Mafia boss advertising their biscuits. What were they on at those marketing meetings?
Jane Badger said…
Maybe they'd eaten too many of the biscuits and were experiencing a collective delusional sugar rush?

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