I have become a bit obsessive of late. Every time I trot backwards and forwards through the garden, great fat pigeons hurtle out of the shrubbery and fly away in a panic, en route to my vegetable patch. Everytime I go up to the hens even fatter pigeons hurtle out from where they have been filching the hens' food.



Unknown said…
I'm with Tom. I've had problems with pigoens in the past. They got into the roof space and would sit overhead, cooing and clog dancing at the crack of dawn when I wanted to sleep. And they gathered on the front eaves and dropped their mess onto the roof of the prch - just below my bathroom window - which got washed onto the path when it rained. I'd have happily poisoned the buggers if I'd had any cyanide to hand.
Fortunately, since the house was reroofed, they've been hardly any trouble. Still don't like them though
Jane Badger said…
I sort of like them, and I sort of don't. It's what they get up to I don't like, though I suppose they have to survive, same as anything else. I wonder if it's just because they're a lot more noticeable as they go about it? A wren fossicking about in my seedlings wouldn't be so easily seen. Wouldn't cause as much damage either.

I'm glad your pigeon problem is sorted though. I don't at all like the thought of them being in the roof space.

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