Garden update

"That's not going to sell the house," said my OH, after looking at my last blog post on the garden. Well, I suppose he has a point. The garden is looking a bit better now: I'd like to say this is entirely and absolutely by our own now blistered hands, but stuff just growing and hiding other stuff that shouldn't be there has had quite a bit to do with it too.

Not that the house is for sale: after the estate agent's visit (your chimneys, your pointing, your acros, your fencing..... oh yes, we know, we know), we're still here and likely to be for a bit.

Some views of the garden - alas not all - make it look quite good, and this is one.

and another:

The dog is stealing a pear which I had hoped the birds would eat. The very dead thing you can see below is our curry plant, which is alas showing no signs of life at all, which is a real shame as it was a lovely plant, with silvery-blue foliage through most of the year.

Deserted flower pot still there, you'll notice.

Reallly the bit below is not a lot better than it was before: it used to be underneath a very large wild plum we had to have cut down before it came down on its own. It was the hardest bit of garden I have ever had to plant: dry as the proverbial bone and under deep shade all day. So, what is there is all that would grow, but none of it has any height, and it's visually just a green blob.


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