Morning walk - bit of a catch up

This is actually a walk I did a few weeks ago. I've developed tinnitus, which is a tad annoying. I've been trying to cut down on overworking to see if it makes any difference, so haven't done much with the blog. Did rather fancy the idea of reclining on the sofa, hand to my pale brow, saying "No, I must not work. My health will not stand it," in a fading, Dame aux Camellias way, but it's not to be. Working, or not, seems to make not one jot of difference, though the tinnitus is a lot worse if I am tired.

Still, back to the walk. There was a sort of blue light about that morning:

A huge treat to see these violets, which are all along the path. I love violets, though curse the bright idea I had a few years ago to plant them next to our gravel path, as I've spent every spring since then picking hundreds of seedlings out of the gravel.

I love the leaves of the Lords and Ladies once they've gone spotty.

I have a feeling this is sloe blossom, but I'm not sure.

I can't think how many times I've walked past the tree below and not actually noticed it. It looks as if it is about to leer down from the bank and grab you, although as it lives next to the railway line, maybe it's waiting for a nice, overcrowded commuter train.

Our local allotments. All the allotments I've ever seen look from a distance as if the last thing they'd ever do is produce food. I wonder if there is somewhere the taste police rule and only the most chi-chi of garden sheds, tastefully painted in Farrow & Ball colours, are allowed. I like these ones, with everyone resolutely doing their own thing.


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