Alison Hart's Shadow Horse - the Sequel!

You might remember I waffled on about how much I enjoyed this book, but what a pity it was there was no sequel. Well, Alison Hart has emailed me, and there will be one in 2010. It will be called Whirlwind, and will be published by Random House. Can't wait! I think pony and horse book fans are very lucky: unlike the fan of the school story, which is pretty much moribund in its traditional format, horse books keep being published.


M said…
Good news!
Mollie said…
I am so excited! I loved Shadow Horse!
☪Dream said…
yay! I was SOOO angry with the way Shadow Horse ended! I was about to write and angry email to her! Thanks for the info!
Nicole said…
I am sooo happy about Whirlwind! I read Shadow Horse 2 years ago and couldn't wait til this one came out! On another site it said May 2010.

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